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By: Eileen Moushey

A perfect Halloween mystery, this takes place in a newsroom. The copy boy, Sterling, brings an idea to the story conference: a real vampire on the loose. The “Chief” and veteran reporters, Lindy and Dottie, are skeptical — until they meet one of the vampire’s victims. Then the entire staff is hot to get the story and track down the “biter.” But before they can, they need help. Expert help. And who better to help than the world’s first vampire detectives, Freddy and Mimsy Borogroves? Fred and Mimsy waltz into the investigation with their usual charm and wit and lead the way to the vampire’s coffin. What the audience finds there, in addition to what they witness in the newsroom, will enable them to identify the vampire among them.

We're sorry this show is not currently running publicly.

However you can book this show at your restaurant, birthday party, school fundraising or corporate event.


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