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Funeral For A Gangster

By: Eileen Moushey

Tonight is a memorial service for Vito "The Gut" Marzetti, who was gunned down last week in a gangland slaying. As a dear friend of Vito's, you have been invited to pay your honorable respects to the family:  Joey "The Lump" Marzetti, the youngest son (a bootlegger, and he ain't overly bright), Ruby "Fingers" Marzetti, Joey's sister and a manger of the speakeasy (an ex-showgirl, she is street-wise and smart), Frankie "Marbles" Marzetti, the eldest of the three (he rarely shows glimpses of his own personality, preferring to hide out in various alter egos), Lena Marzetti, the grieving young widow: If you wish, please be prepared to give a short eulogy for poor Vito.

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